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August 1. Various, Sky Girl – Compiled by DJ Sundae and Julien Dechery (Efficient Space, 2016) 2. Tomorrow the Rain Will Fall Upwards, Wreck His Days (Blackest Ever Black, 2016) 3. The Kinks, Face to Face (Pye Records, 1966) 4. The American Friend, dir. Wim Wenders (1977) 5. Mr. Robot, dir. Sam Esmail (2016) 6. [...]

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Weekend Week Start

I read a bunch this weekend, while falling asleep, while almost napping on Saturday, while waking up in the middle of the night. I read news articles, discogs prices, and books. One book was a thriller ebook page turner downloaded on my phone called The Detective & the Pipe Girl by Michael Craven. It was [...]

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Last Day of FMLA

Friday was my last day of FMLA leave. I was thinking about these life things and wanted to post something reflective, in a looking back style. Instead I enjoyed the day and didn’t post anything. On my leave, I learned to put away my phone and computer when I’m with the kids. I’m still learning [...]

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June 2015 Chart of Interest

June 2015 Chart of Interest A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James Stone Quackers by Ben Jones on FXX Young Skins: Stories by Colin Barrett The Glass City/Golden Garden – Pender Street Steppers (Mood Hut) Al Dobson Jr – Rye Lane Versions (Rhythm Section International) Hunting Lodge – Will (Dais Records) Frontier Ballads [...]

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Recommended Reading

Dan Piepenbring, Working on my Novel (Paris Review) Marc Masters & Grayson Currin, 200 Words: Thought Broadcast (The Out Door) Matt Phillips, The Family Dollar deal embodies everything wrong with American capitalism (Quartz) Jeanne Marie Laskas, The New Face of Richard Norris (GQ) David Bryne, Peter Schwartz, Gaza and the Loss of Civilization (David Bryne)

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Summer Mega Mixes

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Recommended Reading

Pierre Alexandre De Looz, From Vogue to nest: 032c activates the secret history of CY TWOMBLY by HORST P. HORST (032c) Keith Murphy, ‘Purple Rain’ Turns 30: Prince’s Engineer Shares Majestic (And Maddening) Studio Stories (Vibe) Ben Beaumont-Thomas, Morphosis’s favourite tracks (The Guardian) Tanvi Misra, How Turbans Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim [...]

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Recommended Reading

Tom Junod, The State of the American Dog (Esquire) Derek, Where to Buy Good Pants (PTO) Matthew Kent, Actualise The Minimalism: An Interview With Thought Broadcast (The Quietus) Hilton Als, Ghosts in the Sunlight (New York Review of Books) Ariella Budick, James Lee Byars: 1/2 an Autobiography, MoMA PS1, New York – Review (

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Individual Level Update

We just moved into a house. We also just bought the house. We love it so far, even with the expanding tower of cardboardium taking over many rooms. The cardboard will shrink, the dust will settle. For now, boxes everywhere. I need to charge my phone, gotta contact the water company, research the vintage stove [...]

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April Listening

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