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Eye Files #3 (Emergency Departments)

Through the Aire, David G-P, 2013 System3, David G-P, 2013 Heads Duh Stamps, David G-P, 2013 Not as Good, David G-P, 2013 Almost kept the posts coming each week right on time, right on time. Yet, I’ve gone to two different emergency rooms this month, leaving each time before I could get a proper diagnosis. [...]

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Eye Files #2 (Apps fo’ Work)

Not so much to look at in these eye files except for some apps I use for work. People, including me, always talk about using technology then rarely get specific with what they mean. So I looked at my devices (iPhone, iPad, notebooks) to tally which apps I use the most. Isn’t there an app [...]

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Eye Files #1 (Pink Eye)

What is up readers, listeners, and emergency room waiters under blankets. I saw all of you the last couple days, my hurt eye is getting better, and I’m starting to post works and things on my website. Inspired by Alec Soth’s 52 popsicles, I’m attempting to post once a week about something. Possibly scans of [...]

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