Last Day of FMLA

Friday was my last day of FMLA leave. I was thinking about these life things and wanted to post something reflective, in a looking back style. Instead I enjoyed the day and didn’t post anything. On my leave, I learned to put away my phone and computer when I’m with the kids. I’m still learning how to do that better, like when Zelda is falling asleep and I’m checking my phone next to her bed. I need to stop doing that. Anyway, here is what I’m missing today.

Missing Trudie. I miss many things about being at home. Cleaning spit up. Hearing Gertrude squeal. Watching her get taller and taller, telling her about that, and her liking standing up tall. Saying, Yeah milk drinking!, after she drinks milk and watching her grin while milk dribbles out of her mouth. Taking away her teething toys after a couple of minutes when she gets mad at them. Watching her watch things like a crazy orange blooming plant, an oak tree, some bugs. Feeling a breeze outside and seeing Trudie look around at the wind. Even trying to get Trudie to fall asleep, which was really hard for me, is something I miss, swinging her endlessly in a car seat.

Missing playing records almost whenever, even to help with sleeping. Slowing down AFX records to make them play longer. Finding out Trudie likes moody, scarier sounding music instead of bangin’ tracks. Listening to country.

Things I will not miss. Not much. Except the unpaid leave part. Having no maternity/paternity/parental leave sucks.

Here is a picture of Trudie, though I’m still not sure about posting pics of my kids online. So there are also some eyes off center on the picture.

Trudie and Eyes

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